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Basic Formation Dynamic Tester (BFDT) The Basic Formation Dynamic Tester (BFDT) is a third generation product of the formation tester family, characterized by the pump through function. The BRCT is compact, convenient, safe and efficient tool. It can partially replace the Drill Stem Testing (DST) operations in order to save rig time. BRCT provides economical and reliable solution to formation evaluation for oil field exploration and engineering. It reduces cost when dealing with difficult technical problems.

Functions & Features:
  • Measures formation pressure accurately using high precision Quartz gauge.
  • Adjustable volume of the pretest chamber
  • Independent depth correction with internal GR detector
  • Choice of volume for the formation fluids samples:  9x50cc / 4x150cc / 2x488cc / 1x1047cc
  • Choice of volume for the PVT samples: 2x930cc / 4x930cc / 6x930cc in single trip
  • Real time monitoring formation fluid density, resistivity, conductivity
  • Continuous Forward Pumping through contaminated formation fluid
  • Adjustable pumping speed
  • High pressure pump available:  0-2700psi
  • Reverse Pumping through function to prevent the logging tool from been stuck in downhole
  • Monitoring of the cable head tension, distinguish cable stuck or tool stuck situations
  • Retracting automatically by the accumulator in case of emergency

The BFDT consists of the Surface System and the Downhole Tools. The surface system includes the Acquisition and Data Process software, PC, Control Panel, AC and DC power supply. The downhole tools include the upper electronic section, mechanical/hydraulic section, sensor section, lower electronic section with the standard configuration, and have the option to include the PVT sampler.

Drawdown Curve

Fluid Contact Curve

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