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Enhanced Resistivity Micro-Imager (ERMITM) The Enhanced Resistivity Micro-Imager (ERMITM) provides micro resistivity borehole images in water-based mud well by using high resolution array scanning. Special focusing circuitry ensures that the measuring currents penetrate into the formation, where they are modulated in amplitude with the formation conductivities. The raw measurement currents are presented as high resolution images and the geological information such as fractures, bedding, stratigraphy, dip information, depositional environment are derived.

The ERMITM logging system includes ground equipments and downhole tools. Based on the hardware platform of ELIS Logging System, tool-controlling, data-processing and image-showing software are developed. ERMITM can also operate using 5700 ground system and supporting sets.


  • Fracture Identification and characterization
  • Thin-bed analysis
  • Characterization of sedimentary bodies
  • Structural analysis
  • Secondary porosity evaluation
  • Orientation and substitution of cores
  • Valuable help for reservoir characterization
ERMITM Logging System

Images from ERMITM
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