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Pressure Gauges and Float Valves

Pressure Gauges

NOV 50

MISSION pressure gauges provide quick, accurate response to pressure changes and minimize fluctuations with a built-in dampening mechanism. Mission can rebuild damaged or worn gauges to like new condition.

Float Valves

NOV 51

Mission manufactures a complete line of float valves and repair kits to accommodate a wide range of drilling situations and operating conditions. These drill pipe float valves provide added blowout protection at the bottom of the drill string to prevent flowback when joints are added and keep cuttings out of the drill pipe to prevent bit plugging while making connections.

The following products are available in standard service and Hi-Temp/NACE assemblies:

MODEL “F”- Plunger Type

The Model “F” plunger type valve offers positive and instant shut-off. During normal drilling operations, the Model “F” offers economy and durability. The piston type stops flow-back when making connections and keeps cuttings out of the drill string.

MODEL “G” – Flapper – Full Flow

The Model “G” flapper style valve features an investment cast flapper. Its quick opening provides unrestricted full flow through the valve. This model is designed for highly abrasive drilling fluids.

MODEL “GA” – Flapper – Full Flow with Carbide Orifice

The Model “GA” is identical to the “G”, except for the addition of a carbide orifice in the flapper. It allows differential pressure readings at the surface.


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