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Radial Bond Tool The Radial Cement Bond Tool is equipped with one transmitter and two sensors constructed of piezoelectric crystals. The Near receiver, located 3ft from the transmitter, is constructed of an 8 sector radial receiver. Each sector provides bond data covering a 45 degree section of casing. The primary amplitude is constructed from radial signals at the Near.  The far, located 5ft fro the transmitter, generates a Variable Density Log. The RBT deploys in deviated holes and combines readily with any of the complete range of tools. It’s slotted sleeve technology imparts sound isolation, rigidity and tool strength. The tool is comprised of corrosion resistant materials throughout.

Applications & Benefits:
  • Provide quantitative analysis of cement bond in eight 45 degrees segments for 360 degrees coverage around the borehole.
  • Effectively identifies intervals of uniform bonding and detects cement channels or voids in casing sizes from 4.5 to 13.4in.
  • Quantitative analysis of cement bond to casing.
  • Quantitative analysis of cement bond to formation.
  • H2S resistant
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Radial Bond Tool