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Slickline (Wireline)

We have proud to represent Techwire for their Wireline products. 
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Techwire who's parent company, Novametal Group, is one of the world’s leading producers of Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy wires and with their vast knowledge and technical expertise have developed an extensive range of wirelines for the most demanding of well conditions in all environments.

Through Techwire’s continuous investment in process and materials technology, plus the use of industry approved raw materials, we can offer to the market a range of superior quality wirelines that will offer cost effective solutions to many operational difficulties and most importantly give the highest levels of security needed to minimise the risk of failure.

With a range of grades and rigorous production & inspection systems we can ensure that our wirelines will operate to their maximum capabilities in the most demanding of environments.

Wireline Production & Inspection
  • Dedicated modern wireline drawing machines.
  • Integrated spooling & length monitoring equipment.
  • State of the art 100% Eddy Current inline testing equipment.
  • Full traceability on all material.

Wireline Analysis & Services
  • Initial advice & analysis of Wireline requirements.
  • Recommendation of Wireline type for specific well conditions.
  • Full in-house testing facilities to provide an analysis & support service for failure inspections.
  • All standard grades, sizes & lengths held at strategic worldwide locations.

SUPRENOVA 100 Slickline


  • Super Duplex Stainless Steel Slickline
  • WN 1.4501 and UNS S32760
  • High mechanical properties whilst retaining good ductility
  • Excellent resistance to chloride and sulphide stress corrosion cracking
  • Excellent resistance to acid corrosion and crevice corrosion
  • High resistance to abrasion, fatigue and corrosion fatigue
  • All lines are 100% NDT tested and free of welds

Chemical Composition 


Pitting resistance equivalent number (PRE): >41

Mechanical Properties

Standard Diameters
  • 0.092", 0.108", 0.125", 0.140" & 0.160"

Standard Lengths
  • 20,000ft, 22,000ft & 25,000ft

Other diameters and lengths are available on request

Other Grades of Wirelines (Slicklines)
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To request for a detailed specification of these wireline (slicklines), please