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BLAK-JAK Equipment

NOV 17

The MISSION BLAK-JAK HYDRA-LIGN rod assembly is designed to reduce operational risk exposure and improve risk environments during change-outs of high use fluid expendable parts. Additional value to operators and contractors is realized through design features that allow self-aligning capabilities between the pump liner and piston. Run times of expendables will be positively affected and pump down time reduced.

BLAK-JAK Liner Retention System
The MISSION BLAK-JAK liner retention system provides a simple, compact design with easy installation and reduced weight for easier operation. There is only one HYDRA-CEL (hydraulic, tension device) to maintain rather than individual hydraulic assemblies. The redesigned LOK-CEL (tensioned, mechanical device) body and locking nut assemblies are designed in conjunction with National Oilwell Varco liner and fluid end technology. These mechanical designs are simple, rugged, and effective. The BLAK-JAK is available for specific NATIONAL, OILWELL, CONTINENTAL EMSCO, and *Gardner Denver pumps.
NOV 18

BLAK-JAK Liner Retention System mounted in a pump
  • Only 1 person required for liner change-out
  • 33% lighter than OEM
NOV 19
LOK-CEL mechanically retains the liner while the pump is in operation.
HYDRA-CEL places the LOK-CEL in tension while simultaneously placing the liner in compression.

BLAK-JAK Washpipe Cartridge System
NOV 20

Designed for speed and efficiency, the MISSION BLAK-JAK washpipe cartridge system is a self contained unit designed to be repacked on the rig floor, not at the swivel. Once the assembly has been repacked, the single cartridge can be installed quickly in the swivel just by tightening the nuts to the gooseneck. A spanner bar is utilized to tighten the nuts, eliminating the use of hammers.
  • Quick change cartridge system
  • 25% lighter than competing designs for ease of maneuverability
  • Cartridge assembly and disassembly is simple and quick
  • Utilizes standard packing and washpipe, with optional high temperature resistant packing available

BLAK-JAK TORQUE PRO Hammerless Valve Cover Retention System


NOV 21

The MISSION BLAK-JAK TORQUE PRO valve cover retention system utilizes a hydraulic wrench to tighten and loosen the valve cap retainer and then requires only a quarter turn to remove the retainer. This quick and easy valve access allows for faster change-outs and improved safety by eliminating the need for hammers.
This system works with OEM valve covers as well as MISSION “L” style plugs. No modification to the fluid end is required.


NOV 22

*GARDNER DENVER is a trademark of Gardner Denver, Inc.

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