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Circumferential Borehole Imaging Logging Tool (CBITTM) The Circumferential Borehole Imaging Logging Tool (CBITTM) is use to conduct ultrasonic scanning in Open and Cased Hole Wells, and detailed images are generated. The probe of the instrument transmits high frequency acoustic pulses, and measures arrival time and amplitude of echo. The magnitude is affected by characteristics of the borehole wall. Ultrasonic probe is located on the rotating section of the instrument, allowing the tool to scan 360o in the borehole, and generates two images: Magnitude and Arrival Time.

Amplitude image of echo defines the borehole wall characteristics. The high reflective layer will show white in the image, while the lower reflective layer will show black. The value between the two layers is endued with certain gray, which is direct proportion to the measured amplitude. The imaging is very useful when determining the low reflection layer, such as cracks.

The instrument can be used to:
  • Determine the orientation and depth matching of the whole core
  • Identify and measure fractures, vugs, and washouts
  • Identify the position of bedding planes and fracture orientations
  • Obtain detailed geometric shape of borehole using the high-resolution acoustic measurement data
  • Locate and evaluate casing corrosion, mechanical wear, defects and perforations
  • Determine the dip

Features / Advancement:
  • Using the principle of pulse-echo, the rotating transducer generates two images: Echo Time and Amplitude
  • The two focused transducers have different focus length, which is effective for acoustic scanning between 5.5in – 16in boreholes
  • Frequency of two focused transducers, which reduces attenuation of echo signals in drilling mud
  • Wide mud weight range
  • Acoustic scanning in full 360o range of circumferential borehole
  • Echo time data can be processed into geometric shape of the borehole
  • Uses 7 Core Wireline
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