About Us

    Since 1982, Landsea Group has consistently offered high-quality equipment to the oil and gas industry, and later extend into the health and renovation industry.

    With our wide range of expertise germane to the Oil and Gas industry, we provide the pinnacle of customer service to ensure the satisfaction of our clientele.

    Due in part to the excellent quality of our bilingual staff present in Landsea, capable of catering to the customer's needs in their preferred language.

    Furthermore, our multiple offices across the Asia-Pacific region, including China, Hong  Kong and Singapore allows for your needs to be met with great ease and convenience. 

    The Landsea Group also provides top of the line, in medical equipment and consumables. Giving you the customer guaranteed quality as per our outstanding quality management system.  

    We provide products/services including:

         - Case hole Logging systems 
         - Open Hole Logging System
         - Perforating Guns
         - Slicklines 
         - Non-Magnetic Materials
         - Nickelt-based Alloys and Superalloys 

         - Wire ropes 
         - Dry cabinets 

         - Factory Services and Consultation 
         - Diamond Grille System

    Our years of rendering excellent products and services to our clients helped us grown into the leading equipment distributor of onshore and offshore equipment for the oil and gas exploration and production industry.        
    At LandSea Group, we provide products such as Cased Hole Logging System, Open Hole Logging System, Perforating Guns, Slicklines (Zeron 100) to Well Logging Services Companies, NOV Mission Well Service Products, Non-Magnetic Drillstring Components & Materials to the Well Services Companies, High-Quality Wire Ropes to Drilling Companies, and High Sensitivity, Reliability & Stability Dry Cabinet to Healthcare Industry Companies. 
    Factory Services and Consultation to all industries.

    As per our statutory and regulatory systems, we provide consistent and continuously innovating customer service. Through our quality management systems, we offer swift, reliable and quality customer service to meet the clientele's tailored needs.