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Ceramic Liner




NOV 37

MISSION ceramic liners offer longer run times, lower operating costs and reduced risk exposure when compared to operating with chrome iron liners. The ceramic sleeve material is manufactured from alumina oxide, known for its wear resistance, and has proven run times in all types of operating conditions. The outer hull material for large bore liners is manufactured from alloy steel to increase yield strength and aid n fatigue resistance. MISSION ceramic liners are corrosion resistant and have a smoother surface finish for reduced friction and heat. Combining these features, the extensive history of NOV in ceramics, and proprietary pump technology, results in a liner unmatched by any other in the industry. MISSION ceramic liners are field proven as the longest running liner ever manufactured.

MISSION L 7500 Module



NOV 38

The MISSION L 7500 modules are designed as an upgrade solution for existing mud pumps equipped with 5000 psi fluid ends. They can also be specified as original equipment for certain new NOV mud pumps and as original equipment on new pumps from other manufacturers. These modules create added value by increasing the operating range of existing mud pumps and by reducing maintenance and pump down time. Added features can include the BLAK-JAK liner retention system, MISSION ceramic liners, and ROUGHNECK valves and seats.

The MISSION L 7500 modules are available for specific NATIONAL, OILWELL, CONTINENTAL EMSCO and IDECO brand pumps.




NOV 39

The MISSION WHITE LIGHTNING bonded piston is manufactured from a highly engineered elastomeric compound that provides high resistance to water, oil and synthetic based drilling fluids. The compound provides superior resistance to tear, abrasion and extrusion and is capable of operating in fluid temperatures up to 230  ̊F (110  ̊C). 






NOV 40


The MISSION BLUE LIGHTNING piston is a super premium bonded polyurethane piston designed for operating in all drilling environments. It is manufactured for an engineered elastomeric compound that delivers excellent resistance to tear, abrasion and extrusion while maintaining high mechanical properties. The BLUE LIGHTNING piston is capable of operating in fluid temperatures up to 220  ̊F (104.44  ̊C)


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