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Memory Tool The Memory Tool is attached above the tool string and lowered to the borehole using slickline or coiled tubing, It is used to acquire and store data measured by the PLT or inspection tools. The data acquired by the tool is transmitted to the memory tool via the tool bus and stored in a non-volatile memory chip. This tool is compatible with any memory tool that adopts the WSTbus protocol. Data reading rate from each sensor is up to 10 packets per second.

Applications & Benefits:
  • Attached to Cased Hole Logging Tools, used for Production Inspection/Profiling Logging
  • High Capacity memory tool is provided for MCT (Multi-finger Caliper Tool) applications
  • Capacity Options: 32Mb, 64 Mb, 96 Mb, 128Mb etc.
  • Cased Hole Auxiliary Tool

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Memory Tool