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Multipole Array Acoustic Logging Tool (EMAT) The Multipole Array Acoustic Logging Tool (EMAT) evaluates the formation properties and estimates formation parameters by measuring the sonic wave propagations in formations. By combining the dipole and monopole technologies, it effectively obtain the array signals of compressional waves, shear waves and stone waves in formation ranging from soft sandstone to low porosity hard rocks. Thus it provides a new technique for determining geological parameters analyzing lithology, and for identifying fractures. This Logging Tool can be use for cement bond quality evaluation operation after a configuration.


  • ELIS Downhole Instrument Bus (EDIB) Tool
  • Four transmitting transducers (Two monopole transducers, one dipole transducer, and one stone wave transducer)
  • Sixteen receiving transducers (eight monopole, eight dipole)
  • Eight Independent receiving channels
  • Real time data acquisition control in downhole tool
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