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Telemtry/CCL/Gamma-ray Tool This tool is a combined with telemetry, CCL and Gamma-ray functions in one tool. This enables depth correction to be completed by a single tool. There are two transmission modes:

1) The telemetry mode. This mode uses the 5.7K return-to-zero Manchester Code for data transmission.

2) The analog pulse mode. In this mode the gamma-ray signal is superimposed onto the 2KHz sine wave of the CCL signal, and then sent to the surface system as pulsed signal.

The simplified circuit adopts the PIC intelligent control. The mechanical section features simplified design, good seal performance and high reliability. This tool has demonstrated significant improvement in technical specifications, manufacturing precision and HT/HP performance over domestic peers.

Applications & Benefits:
  • Make depth correlation with other logs
  • Determine stratigraphic profiles
  • Estimate shale content in reservoir rocks
  • Delineate stratigraphic boundaries for several production logs
  • Compatible with various surface systems
  • H2S resistant

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Telemetry CCL Gamma-ray tool