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Enhanced Formation Dynamic Tester (EFDT) The Enhanced Formation Dynamic Tester (EFDT) delivers:
  • Multiple, large-volume high-purity formation fluid samples with downhole fluid characterization
  • Accurate and reliable formation pressure testing
  • Real-time downhole fluid analyze and much more…

The EFDT is designed for obtaining formation pressures and formation fluid samples at discrete depths within the reservoir. Analyzing the pressure buildup profile and the properties of fluid samples provide a more complete description of reservoir fluids and behavior. The EFDT service provides key petrophysical information for determining of the reservoir volume, productivity of a formation, type and composition of the movable fluids, and predication of reservoir behavior during production.

The EFDT is a modular formation testing system. Clients are able to customize the tool for the required application. The modularity of EFDT ensures the ability to test and sample fluids in a wide range of geological environments and borehole conditions. It includes a fully controllable Dual Probe module for fluid intake, flow pump module for variable volume draw down and pumps out contaminated fluids, a real time analysis module for dynamic properties of fluids, a PVT Carrier module for mono-phase sampling and a Large Sample Carrier module for large-volume normal sampling.

The EFDT have the ability to monitor up to four fluid and formation properties during logging: Conductivity/Capacitivity, Density, Fluid Dynamic Pressure, Horizontal Permeability. In the near future, the optical fluid analyser will added to EFDT to provide in-situ down-hole real time fluid identification.

EFDT provides up to four Mono-Phase Sampling Tanks (MPST) in one logging run, and recovers high quality pressure compensated reservoir fluid samples during borehole formation testing operations.

The EFDT uses standard ELIS Downhole Instrument Bus (EDIB) telemetry protocol, is combinable with all other EDIB logging tools, and interfaces with the ELIS surface acquisition system.

  • Formation pressure measurements and fluid contact identification
  • Repeatable formation fluid sampling
  • Horizontal permeability measurement
  • In-situ downhole fluid analysis
EFDT Surface Control Interface
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