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Quartz Pressure / CCL Tool The resonant frequency of a shaped quartz crystal varies with the applied pressure. The frequency variation has to be compensated for changes of crystal temperature, hence both pressure & temperature outputs are available from the gauge. Using the compensated data and a calibration, supplied with the gauge, an accurate and high resolution pressure reading is available over the wide measurement range. One temperature sensor build-in is used for compensating.

Applications & Benefits:
  • Depth Control in Casing and Tubing
  • Location of Severe Casing or Tubing Damage
  • Confirmation of perforation on depths / intervals.
  • Data for P.I. and Nodal Analysis.
  • Draw-Down and Build-Up Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Down-Hole Pressure Gradient Measurement
  • H2S resistant
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Quartz Pressure CCL Tool