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Gate Valves

ANSON E-TYPE Gate Valves

ANSON E-TYPE through conduit gate valves have been developed to satisfy the need for a high quality, high specification valve which is reliable and reasonably priced. The E-TYPE gate valve makes full use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques. The valve is robust, easy to maintain, and conforms to international design requirements and quality assurance programs.

The E-TYPE gate valve is a monogrammable API 6A valve.

ANSON Actuated Gate Valves

The ANSON E-TYPE gate valve is available with hydraulic actuation. Valves can be supplied with spring return fail-safe, open return fail-safe, open (FSO) or closed (FSC), or double acting cylinders (DA).  Both types offer a compact design, are fully weather sealed and available with extras such as position indicators, hydraulic power packs and control systems.


NOV 42

FS Actuated E-TYPE Gate Valve


ANSON Mud Gate Valves

ANSON mud valves are solid gate, rising stem, gate valves with resilient seals. They are purpose-made for mud, cement, fracturing and water service. They are easy to operate and simple to maintain.

Two ranges are available:

  • MV50 – The unit is suitable for a maximum working pressure of 5000 psi.
  • MV75 – The unit is suitable for a maximum working pressure of 7500 psi.

NOV 43


MV75 Mud Valve


SHAFFER Gate Valves
  • Type 2300 - Manual and hydraulic operated (double acting type c/w manual override) gate valves
  • SHAFFER Type B – Manual operated API 6A gate valves
  • SHAFFER Type DB – Hydraulic operated API 6A gate valves (double acting type with or without manual override)

Through conduit gate valves. Forged steel body and bonnet. Slab gate, floating seats, downstream sealing, bi-directional. Metal to metal sealing body and seat, seat to gate, and bonnet to body. Non-rising stem with back seat. Shear pin protected internals.

API 6A Twentieth Edition

Available sizes: 2-1/16”, 3-1/8” (5K only), 3-1/16”, 4-1/6”, and
Ratings: 5,000 psi (5K), 10,000 psi (10K), 15,000 psi (15K)



NOV 44


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