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Choke Manifolds and Cement Manifolds


NOV manifold systems are designed and manufactured to customer specifications using only the highest quality materials and standards. The Mission line of ANSON flowline equipment includes API 6A gate valves, mud valves, check valves, and plug valves. These, coupled with the ANSON manifold fittings, flanges, hubs, hammer unions, API blocks and NOV welding capabilities, allow NOV to control the design, quality and scheduling of the most complex manifold projects.
NOV manifolds are designed and supplied fully certified in accordance with the recognized oilfield equipment standards.

NOV designs and builds the following types of manifolds:

  • Choke and Kill Manifolds
  • Well Test Manifolds
  • Diverter Manifolds
  • Truck Mounted Manifolds
  • Ground Pipe Manifold
  • Cement Manifolds
  • Containerized Manifolds
  • Standpipe Manifolds
  • Gas Gathering Manifolds
  • Mud Tank Manifolds
  • Underbalanced Drilling Manifolds

NOV 28Standpipe Manifold

NOV 29

Choke and Kill Manifold

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