Our Products
Perforating Gun We provide a wide range of Perforating Guns with different diameters, length and shots. Our firing method of the Perforating Guns consist of Mechanical, Pressure or Pressure time delay activated.

Let us know your requirement and we will allocate a suitable Perforating Gun catered to your perforating needs.

We also provide Perforating Gun customisation services to fulfill your requirement.

Perforating Guns Sizes:
  • 86mm Scalloped Gun
  • 89mm Scalloped Gun
  • 102mm Scalloped Gun
  • 102mm Stim-Gun
  • 114mm Scalloped Gun
  • 114mm Stim-Gun
  • 127mm Scalloped Gun
  • 159mm Scalloped Gun
  • 178mm Scalloped Gun
  • Horizontal Perforating Gun
  • Various Perforating Accessories

With the capacity of 13 SPM, 16 SPM, 20 SPM, 30 SPM, 40 SPM, 60 SPM.
To request for a detailed specification of this instrument, please