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Enhanced Rotary Sidewall Coring Tool (ERSC) The Rotary Sidewall Coring Tool (ERSC) is designed in getting formation samples. The ERSC works with all kinds of formations, especially hard layers. The ERSC is controlled by the computer and hydraulically powered in the mandrel, it is able to obtain multiple samples in one run. The Gamma Ray Detector inside the tool enables it to achieve the depth correction of coring points. The Coring System consists of the surface equipment and the downhole tool.


  • Digital display of downhole tool status
  • Data transmission based on carrier wave and stable communication
  • Double power supply to the motor, stable tool performance
  • Three motored arms on ERSC that fasten the device onto the walls of the borehole, as well as protection against stuck tool
  • Large raw samples of the formation
  • Flexibility of selection of sampling depth, more samples at the same depth

Surface control System
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