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Magnetic Thickness Tool The Magnetic Thicknesss Tool is designed to investigate variations of metal thickness within downhole pipe. It is run centralized within a wellbore, ideally combined with a Multi-Finger Imaging Tool or with Caliper  data available. The tool has an array of 12 specially developed miniature, individually pressure isolated, magnetic sensors, which are mounted on the inside of a set of bow-spring. Each sensor of the array measures a magnetic value and all 12 values are simultaneously transmitted to the surface where the wave form is recorded. Imaging software is available to create and display a 3D representation of recorded data. The tool can pass through tubing to log casing to 7in.

Applications & Benefits:
  • Inspection of tubing and casing for internal & external metal loss.
  • Measures absolute wall thickness.
  • 3D visualizations provide powerful qualitative images of well condition.
  • Detects pitting and gradual wall loss.
  • Can be combines with Multi-finger Imaging Tool for better pipe view.
  • H2S resistant
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Magnetic Thickness Tool