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Multifunction Ultrasonic Imaging Logging Tool (MUIL) The Multifunction Ultrasonic Imaging Logging Tool (MUIL) is an ultrasonic tool designed that provides 360 degrees images by detecting the echo signal. The MUIL operates in two modes: Imaging mode and Full wave mode.  During Image mode, the MUIL provides high-resolution images and caliper measurements of the well’s internal surface. When operating in the full wave mode, the MUIL provides data on the pipe thickness and cement bonding behind the casing.

The MUIL consists of an electronics sub-assembly and a scanner sub-assembly. The electronics sub-assembly is responsible to fire transducers and process the tool command from surface. The scanner sub-assembly contains two ultrasonic transducer: One of them is the med cell transducer which is used for the borehole fluid velocity measurement, the other transducer is the ultrasonic measurement used for imaging. Three types of transducer head and four types of transducers are been offered. By changing the transducer head, the MUIL can be used in different pipe thickness. This tool is fitted for the ELIS Downhole Instrument Bus (EDIB).

Uses 7 Core Wireline

Surface imaging in opened hole:    
  • High resolution borehole surface imaging
  • Fractures and vug identification
  • Structural and bedding analysis
  • Borehole diameter imaging

Casing inspection and cement evaluation:
  • Casing thickness measurement
  • Inner or outer diameter imaging of cased hole
  • Perforation or casing deformation identification
  • Cement evaluation
Surface imaging in an Opened Hole condition

MUIL Logging Presentation

Fracture Testing

Perforation Testing

Pipe Thickness Testing

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