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Christmas Trees & Flowheads

Christmas Trees



NOV 48


ANSON Christmas Trees are available in Composite or Block configurations. The wide variety of parts manufactured by ANSON makes possible many different configurations of Composite Trees. Block Trees can be supplied to suit customers specific requirements.


NOV 49

ANSON Flowheads offer compact design resulting in reduced overall size and weight hence increasing ease in operation. All valve seat pockets are CRA625 inlaid as standard offering increased service life. The Flowheads can be supplied complete with a String Swivel if required. ANSON String Swivels allow rotation around the string and eliminates torque transfer, and are complete with locking keys to prevent string thread back-out. Anson Swivels have completed excessive testing including High temperature cyclic and slurry testing.

ANSON Christmas Trees and Flowheads are available with working pressures from 2,000 psi through to 15,000 psi, temperatures from -75  ̊F to 400  ̊F and sizes up to 9” API. All API 6A material classes are available in product specification levels (PSL 1, 2, 3 and 4).

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