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Cement Bond Imaging Logging Tool (CBMT) The principle of acoustic wave attenuation is used to measure cement bond between casing and cement sheath, as well as formation. From the measurement data, the quality of well cementation and seal between the layers of the formation is analyzed. The Cement Bond Imaging Logging Tool (CBMT) is designed in a motored arm structure with six pads, which divides the circumferential borehole into six sectors and accurately measure the quality of cement bound. The pad is designed with double transmitting probes in wave superposition, the transducers are fired in the time delay, and compensates the energy loss due to acoustic scattering. The acquired signals of the pad are arranged in a crossed position to achieve compensatory measurement and minimized affect of borehole environment. The CBMT combines conventional variable density measurement, casing collar locator and gamma-ray assisted measurement.

Features / Advantages:

  • 360o sectored measurement, ensures accurate measurement
  • Motored Pad design, provides high accuracy
  • Capable of identifying channel and hole
  • Can be use in highly-deviated well or horizontal well
  • Minimization affect by borehole environment
  • Visual cement map
  • Real-time quality monitoring
  • Integrated variable density measurement in logging tool string
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